The musicians


Torben F. Lassen, born in 1947, Copenhagen
Trumpet, harmonica, guitar, bass, vocalist, founder of the “River Jazz and Blues Band”.

Torben has been an active musician, composer and songwriter since 1961, doing different genres of jazz, blues, folk music and world music. He has been the bandleader since 1971 and won jazz musician of the year in Holstebro in 1979. He has participated in a long series of musical and theatrical projects in both Copenhagen and Jutland. He is the founder of the “River Jazz and Blues Band” in 1971 and is now the bandleader and the trumpet player


Filt Kristensen, born in 1958, Ansager
Saxophones, clarinet and transverse flute.
Composer and organizer.

He has been playing music since 1975 in various genres and contexts. He has been living and working in Copenhagen since 1983, doing a lot of theatrical music and revue music.He graduated from the rhytmical academy of music  in 1990 and has worked with most of the biggest jazz bands including Ib Glindemann, “Radioens bigband” and Copenhagen Art ensemble during the 90’s.

Today he lives in Aarhus, working as a freelance musician, composer and teacher. He has been part of the “River Jazz and Blues Band” since 2010, partly as a musician playing the tenor saxophone, clarinet and the transvers flute aswell as a componist and organizer.


Allan Bjerregaard, born in 1956, Viborg
Trombone, percussion and vocalist.

He has been playing the trombone since 1966, under the education of proffesionel trombone players from The Prince’s Life Guards Musickorps in Viborg. During his youth he played in a harmonica-orchestra and later in a big band. Before that he was a choirsinger in Viborgs cathedral.

Since 1975 he’s been active in different traditional jazzorchestras and he’s been the trombone player of the “River jazz and Blues band” since 1995. He now anounces the songs at the concerts and has been doing so since 2004


Karen Sørensen born in 1947, Ans.

She has been an active musician since 1961. Self-taught, but has also received lessons from Ole Kock Hansen and Niels Jørgen Steen among others.

She followed the teaching program from “The rythmical center” in Silkeborg and has a variety of experience working with different musical genres including gospel, cabaret and big band. So far she has been active in different poetry and musical projects with author Inge Pedersen as well as musical performance “Grundtvig and the women”. She has been a part of the “River Jazz and Blues Band” as the pianist since 1974.


Jørgen Nielsen, born in 1951, Gram
Contrabass and bassguitar.

He has been active musician since 1967. In 1972 he became part of the music environment in Aarhus. He has worked with both radio and tv as a studio musician. He is primarily into jazz and blues and has toured and recorded with different musicians such as Ole Frimer, HP Lange, Peter Thorup, Bourbon Street Jazzband and many more.

Besides music, he is an active writer and photographer and has been a member of the “River Jazz and Blues band” since 2005.

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